1Here’s a step by step guide to the our laser teeth whitening treatment and the service you can expect to receive from us.

Step 1:

Consultation: We will run through the teeth whitening process with you in detail, talk to you about your expectations and answer any questions you may have. You will then have a thorough check up to ensure you are suitable for whitening.

Step 2:

Your tooth shade will be taken using a shade guide, and recorded to compare with the new colour afterwards.

Step 3:

A cheek retractor is placed into your mouth, you will be asked to wear protective goggles to protect your eyes and lip balm will be applied to prevent your lips from drying out during the treatment.

Step 4:

Gingival barrier is placed between the teeth and gums, then hardened with a curing light (this is a rubber like substance that protects the gums from the whitening gel.)

Step 5:

Teeth whitening gel is applied to your upper and lower teeth, covering the surface of each tooth.

Step 6:

The beyond laser accelerator is placed in front of your mouth for twelve minutes, this step is then repeated in three cycles.

Step 7:

After the three cycles are finished your new shade is revealed to you and the dramatic results compared with the old colour.

Step 8:

We will give you advice on aftercare, and aftercare notes to take away with you.

Step 9:

‘Your finished! Go home and enjoy your new white bright smile’.